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Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD) in Amsterdam puts digital design at the core of its program. It sets out to help students learn how to think and act like designers, and aims to give its digital design graduates the best possible preparation for today’s – and tomorrow’s – professional practice. At CMD Amsterdam students will learn to develop interactive products and services such as websites, apps and interactive installations.

The language of instruction during the four-year CMD curriculum is Dutch. For international students, we offer two English taught modules. They focus on User Experience Design and Design Thinking and Doing. More information here.

Our vision

We believe in a ‘human-centered’ design process, and we anticipate an increasingly important role for designers who understand the human side of interactive media. In our vision, the human-centered approach involves studying people in their social and societal context, and then building interactive media solutions based on these findings.

It is important to see how people behave the moment they come into contact with interactive media, and to incorporate this into the design process. For us, applied research and prototyping are essential parts of this design approach, and we encourage students to become masters in this.

Study program

The study program is divided into three phases: the first year, a 2-year main phase and a 1-year graduation phase. The first year is the same for all students: you get acquainted with the broad professional domain of digital interactive design and you work on three real-life projects.

The second and third study years go deeper into digital design, digital development, online strategies and general socio-cultural education. In the graduation year, students further develop themselves as starting CMD professionals through an intensive internship. To graduate, the student devises and builds an application for a group of users based on thorough research. Alongside study subjects the assigned Study Career Coach gives the student guidance up until to the graduation year.

Our complete curriculum (still partly in Dutch, working on it :) can be found on this page (click image to enlarge). Brief course descriptions will be added soon.

Have an app idea? Draw it on paper and use POP to make it running on your phone! The workflow is ridiculously simple:

1. Design on Paper
2. Take Pictures
3. Link & Play”

International Student Network

Should you decide to come to Amsterdam and study here, the International Student Network (ISN) can be a good start to discover the city. The aim of ISN is to foster social and cultural integration of international students in Amsterdam. They try to achieve this by organizing introduction days, parties, ‘borrels’, weekend trips, excursions and other cultural activities. Furthermore, there is a coach system to facilitate contact with Dutch students and the city. Students are informed with the magazine Insiders and a newsletter.

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Harry Zengerink

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Marielle Beekman

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